You’re More Important: Because Everything Depends on Women

Misr Foundation for Health and Sustainable Development has launched an awareness campaign called you are more important “enti el aham” which aims to increase women awareness of their rights and their health.
The campaign initiated by Dr Amr Hassan, aims to empower women in all different life aspects. They educate women of everything starting from Genital Mutilation to domestic abuse, psychological abuse, ending sexual assault, and a lot more issues that every single woman from all classes face.


Beloved actress, Yasmine Sabry, was chosen to be ambassador of the campaign and was given an award for her great role in the process of educating and motivating Egyptian and Arab women.

They used multiple different techniques to deliver the message to everyone, including children. Colouring books and comics like “super pregnant” where used to make it attractive to everyone.xy
Being the first Arab doctor to support gender equality and the world famous campaign He for She, as well as the different initiatives he started, allowed him to gain lots of awards like “Arab Woman Award” for being one of the most influential personnel on women’s well-being in the Arab world as well as being awarded title of “Ambassador of Arab Development” form the Arab organisation for the pioneers of development for his role in sustainable development in the Arab Community.

It’s about time women finally understand that they’re more important!