15 women reveal their thoughts to men

“A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets” – Gloria Stuart.

We women tend to keep too much hidden stuff and inhumed thoughts we never dared to speak out loud to men. Negative as well as positive; that’s why we decided to offer men a sneak peek at some of those whispers occulted in women’s closets.


  • “A woman doesn’t need a man in her life as much as she wants him to be there. So if you don’t feel like being with us anymore, you better stop keeping us hanging and unsettled and be man enough to end things up without that cliché stuff like “you deserve someone better”, just leave! And don’t worry we can perfectly handle it; cause honestly we don’t expect much from you.” – N.S


  • “I wish men could kindly stop thinking out of their penises.” -S.H

  •  “As a woman, I need to feel that my man love my brains before my body, yet I still want him to appreciate my looks when I put on the sexiest dress, and when I look like shit after feeding his own babies. I want to see in his eyes that he knows that no woman in the world could complete him the way I do. Of course there might be prettier or smarter, but none of them is me!”-A.A

  • “Being protective doesn’t mean being controlling, and yes it’s unattractive and is definitely not an act of love. You look really stupid when you think that you know it all, like hold on, do you have an extra gene where I sadly don’t have?” -S.J


  • “We’re out being bosses all day everyday, you can take the lead in the sheets.” -H.M


  • “I’ve never felt safe with any man even my dad. I don’t even know what safe means; but whenever I’m with someone I imagine if we got into a fight or something that he won’t be able to protect me. That I always have to defend myself by myself which is exhausting.” -N.E


  • “I really hate being needy and clingy, but I think that’s the only way to show men love and I can’t help it.” -J.E


  • “It’s okay to show your weakness to your woman. It’s okay to cry on her shoulder and ask for her support. It’s okay to beg her to stay in your life! Trust me this doesn’t affect your manhood in her eyes; cause we love it.” -A.H


  • “I think Prince Charming only exists in bed.”-R.M


  • “Too much nobility isn’t required in a relationship! You guys should know how to master the art of sexting cause it’s essential.”-N.S


  • “I always wonder what attracts guys to single divorced women more than single virgin ladies!”-I.A


  • “Sending long ass text messages every morning is so corny and poky, you better stop it!”-S.Y


  • “When I catch a guy checking out my body, I feel sexy and humiliated at the same time.”-R.N


  • “We all have mood killers -exhaustion and stress- so turning down sexual stuff isn’t s big deal and certainly has nothing to do with you!”-D.H

  • “I’ve never met a man who’s manly enough to stand to his word. Not even my dad who I found out that he and my mom got divorced because he was a cheater after I grew up. If that taught me -or every woman- one thing, it’s that we can know a dirty minded man no matter how clever their approaching method is. Women can spot a dirty man even if he was praising her mindset and her education.” -T.A


So yeah, a woman’s mindset is an absolute complex, however the key to understanding her is communication. You can go to her deepest and most hidden passages if you listen…you can open the closet!