Hijabi Girls Proving That Hijab is Never An Obstacle


In a world full of restricted qualifications for every single dream, there are girls that are a living proof that there’s no such a thing as limits. Being a girl, a Muslim or a Hijabi is never an obstacle to dream big, and reach those dreams. These are examples of Hijabi girls that should be a true inspiration to every girl with a dream!

Halima Aden


Somali-American model Halima Aden is said to be the first Hijabi Model taking a part on the runways of NYFW. She got signed by major modelling agency IMG, which supports veteran models as the world’s highest-paid model Gisele. Halima was the first woman ever to compete for Miss Minnesota USA in a hijab and burkini.

“This is a pageant that goes far beyond physical beauty, so I wanted young women who wear the hijab to realise that you could participate in anything” – Halima Aden.

She walked her first runway show for Yeezy and then landed her first magazine cover. She made her Milan Fashion Week debut walking for Alberta Ferretti.

Stephanie Kurlow


Stephanie is only 14 years old but is the first Hijabi Ballerina in the world. The little lady shared her story with the world, “I converted to the religion of Islam in 2010 and it brought so many positive aspects in my life, but I stopped performing because we thought there would be no way of myself becoming a professional ballerina as there were no facilities or services targeted at Muslim girls.”

Manal Rostom


It’s said that growing up an Arab, Muslim and Egyptian is very very far from achieving dreams. Manal Rostom proves wrong. A lady at 37-years-old has already climbed mountains, can speak four languages and became a true inspiration for women in hijab.

The fearless lady opened up saying, “I did not allow hijab to be an obstacle. When I took the decision to wear the hijab in 2001, I took a vow that I would not allow hijab to come between me and anything I am passionate about in life. God gives you the strength to develop immunity to all ignorance around you. I managed to work for multinational pharmaceutical companies in my hijab, even though some people told me not to bother applying there. I was top achiever with a great track record for multiple years. I travel the world, climb mountains, run marathons, all the while you don’t see hijabi women doing so either because its taboo, or they are too scared to do it because of how people are going to judge you.”


Not only this, Manal is inspiring women everyday by being the founder of the famous Facebook page “Surviving Hijab”. Rostom even had her first Nike Ad already. The ad first came out in January 2015 and the impact was huge for about Nike using a hijabi athlete. You can follow Manal on her Instagram account.

Rahaf Khatib


Rahaf Khatib is a 32-year-old runner, a mother of three, and of course a dreamer! Rahaf is the first hijabi runner to ever be on the cover of a magazine in US. She was on the cover of the October 2016 issue of Women’s Running. “For this stay-at-home mom of three, and an average (but persistent!) runner with goals, it means the world to me,” Khatib said. “It’s something I can show to my kids in the future, my community and most importantly my parents. It means that my sweat, tears and training are worth it.”

Farah Emara


In 2014, when Farah was only 18, she reached 2000+ followers and her fashion journey had already begun by that point. She had been featured in more than one magazine and named the third top hijabi account to be followed on Instagram. She doesn’t only work as a fashion blogger, she pursues to help Arabs (specially hijabis) get their style across the world. Emara looks at fashion in a pretty different way, she thinks it isn’t about trendy clothes, but pieces put together that reflect her personality and fuel her day with energy and style. She’s now famous as “The turban tying blogger”, and has a style of a very random, chic and modern girl.

Aaaand the list goes on continuing to prove that there’s never a limit to the dreams. Every single woman in the world can be whoever she wants to be, without ever letting a religion, a culture or any kind of diversity to be an obstacle in the way. To whoever reading this, if you’re struggling with the idea of not fitting, then you’re probably wrong. Let’s show the world the first hijabi -whatever- in the world. Embrace your beauty, your hijab, and your crown, ladies! Go rock the world because you actually can.