What To Do To Feel Better About Yourself NOW

We all have those days when we look in the mirror and feel like we do not fulfil any of the beauty standards we see everywhere. It’s so easy to scroll down your Instagram home page and wish your teeth were as white, your hair was as shiny or had a curvy body like the ones we see on screen.

I am not going to tell you that you should “love yourself” or “accept yourself” because that’s easier said than done. Some may even point out the many beautiful things they see about us but we just don’t believe them because all we could hear is our inner voice saying “they’re lying! They only say this to make me feel better”

After endless reading and scrolling down my Instagram home page (yes. I do that, too!). I’ve found out two super easy steps that help me feel better instantly.

1) Follow Celebrities Who Look Like You

That probably sounds like the craziest thing you’ve heard all day but believe me it works wonders with me! Try to look for famous people who have similar features like you, so you could get a glimpse on how they enhance and deal with those features you see as “ugly“. For example, I’ve always been so self-conscious about my height (I’m 175cm tall) but lately I found a youtuber who is even taller than I am and she’s incredibly confident about her height. She wears outfits that show off her long beautiful body and sometimes even heels!! Every time this specific person uploads a picture/video on social media, their confidence will inspire you to feel the same way about yourself!

2) Dress Up

Maybe you’ve just woken up from a deep night’s sleep with messy hair and sweaty pyjamas, you’re obviously not going to feel drop-dead gorgeous when you look like that. Try your best put on a nice outfit as soon as you wake up and wash your bed hair so it can smell nice and look tidy. Perhaps even apply a little makeup or even better; a moisturizer to keep you hydrated and glowy. So like they always say “Look good. Feel better” -that quote probably does work!