La La Land Won Best Picture Today, for 5 Minutes

Oscars! Where can we start? We await this event every year, and dig to find more about every tiny detail that occurs during the ceremony. Luckily this ceremony wasn’t a boring one, there was a shocking bang as they wrongly announced La La as Best Picture winner, then corrected mid-acceptance speech.

And just like last year’s big moment, the “what about your first Oscar Leo?“, every social media platform was filled with OMGs and WTHs, giving us some of the most hilarious reactions.

When everyone had a sense of Deja vu!

A really strong sense of Deja vu

And people began to wish for a miracle like that to happen

Ryan Gosling should’ve pulled an Ahmed Amin!

Whoever did this deserves an Oscar

Comic artists had their own share of fun too!


Finally something on the internet is making us laugh again!