A Girl on the train -movie review-

How many times did you wander while having a car, bus or a train ride?

How many times did you see a happy couple together and assumed what a happy life they are living and wished to be in their place?

Rachel is a woman who takes the train to her work every morning to New York. On her way she sees Megan and her husband Scott at the deck of their home making love. She wonders what a happy life these two have and wishes to be in Megan’s place.

Rachel then tries remembering her life with her ex husband and how much she misses him. She gets flashbacks of her old life. How she ended up miserable like this. Rachel’s ex husband is now married to a woman called Anna and they have a baby girl. Megan is their babysitter.


The story starts when one day on her way to work she finds Megan in the balcony making love with an unknown man. Megan is then reported missing.

Wait for the plot twist;)

If you’re into psychodrama movies such as “Black Swan” or “Gone Girl” this movie is constructed for you. I personally rate this movie 8/10.