3 Major Problems You Face When You’ve Been Single For So Long

You haven’t liked someone in ages, your last crush might even be Nick Jonas, and you don’t see it as a problem –because duh! It’s not-, until suddenly you feel that you like someone. You’ve always been there for your friend, told her what to do in every damn fight, you’re the best advisor ever, but you haven’t actually been there. Here are the 3 most famous problems we know you’ll face and how to overcome them.

First Date


The ultimate crisis. What to wear? How to speak? What will he think of me? What if I hate him? What if he hates me? Can I eat in front of him? The question list would go on forever. We know your pain, it’s hard to open up to someone when you’ve been doing fine on your own for a very long time. But here’s one useful tip; be yourself, don’t overreact and if it’s meant to be, it will be.

Am I doing it right?


Here’s the thing, there are no rules to relationships, and you can’t go around asking your bestfriend if you’re doing things right because there aren’t 2 similar relationships on the globe. Things are right when you feel good about having them in your life, when you know your partners flaws and fears and still choose to be with them, and when they see your weaknesses and choose to strengthen them.

You mean I should include him in EVERYTHING in my life!


Calm down girl! This is actually a common problem; people tend to believe that being in love with someone means you should be with them 24/7, text them every minute you’re not together, and including them in every tiny detail in your life. Trust me when I say that that’s the key to ruin a relationship! You should have your own life and know how to enjoy it, have your own personal space and let the guy have his. As long as there’s trust and mutual respect you’ll be fine. Your relationship should take a part of your lives, not be your whole lives. If you let it control you, you’ll end up with nothing to talk about and you’ll finally drift apart. Modesty is the key to happiness.