Trends that deserve to be trends: ASWAN

Since the beginning of 2017’s midyear vacation, most Egyptians traveled to Luxor and Aswan that we started to feel that it became trendy for everyone to go there and take pictures. But actually this place deserves more than just a trend. Aswan is one of the most beautiful breathtaking places that you would ever visit. The simple, easy, calm and peaceful atmosphere there brings unconditional joy to your heart.

Starting with the Nubian people; they are the kindest and most generous out there. They will make you feel home whether it was by helping you feel comfortable or by giving you “Tamr Hendy” and “Nubian tea”. Adding that they make handmade caps, socks bracelets and necklaces with plenty of colors and cheap prices.

And the beauty of nature; that makes it a part of paradise. It brings relief to your heart.8bdeb196-2c4f-4fc1-98ce-b49194a9d056

Visiting The Philae Temple, Kalabsha Temple, The High Dam and Sound and Light show are a must.

The Sound and Light show is something you will admire; it tells a mythology through the voice of Mahmoud Yassin (acting as Nile river) , Faten Hammama (acting as queen Isis) and plenty of other actors that will make you feel that the stones are brought back to life and that you’re about to see the pharaohs walking in the temple. Staying at a Nubian village such as Heissa Island is exotic. My words fail to describe the beauty of Aswan.

Here are some pictures captured by the talented Ingy Aly that will help illustrate what you’ve missed 😉

Us, Egyptians, should share such positivity and try to help the tourism in Egypt to flourish once again because these places deserve to be visited and those who have been there would relate to these photos.

And last but not least #ThisIsEgypt, a country that is worth the discovery.