Perks of Being single on a Valentine’s day

February the 14th has officially came along! Time for some love is in the air memes, glittery red stuff all over the place and couples sharing some lovely pictures and a snapchat update every 30 seconds! It’s the time when you could get a flowers bouquet that can cost you an arm and a leg. You probably wouldn’t care if you’re enjoying it with your significant other. If you’re single, I know how hard it is getting to see giant red teddy bears all the way, whenever you pass by or even worse when you’re having a normal cup of coffee alone at Starbucks without having people staring at you with their eyes full of like “We know you’re single on a valentine’s day, it’s quite vivid” but who cares? Chocolates are on sale! This is not about how to survive a valentine’s day as a single, but it’s about showing couples perks of being single on a day like that, to all the singles out there, here’s a small reminder of some of the many advantages of being single on that day:

1.You spend less money:

Woohoo, Your wallet won’t suffer for love! You’d probably be spending less money than your best friend! Cause we all know, the money will end up being spent on a romantic dinner and a worth-it gift that will leave their account an empty aching one! Do you wanna get an empty bank account? Cause that’s how you get empty bank account.

2.It’s just me, myself and I:



Have some quality time alone or get to buy yourself something that you’re sure you’ll like because who knows you better? Having the whole Pizza in pyjamas while watching Friends or how I met your mother without anyone sharing, could it be any better?
3.And of course less drama:

You don’t have to be overdressed and wear lots of makeup, you could just roll your hair up in a messy bun, put on your sweatpants, your favorite t-shirt and sneakers and Voila! You’re ready to go!

4.No expectations, it’s just a normal day:

With being at work, college or whatever other hectic thing that you do, we somehow feel consumed by the end of the day and dream of a bed, good food and a really great series to watch. So cheers, you’re not obligated to treat a hectic day specially, it’s just a normal that you’ll have to get through!

5.You won’t be disappointed if your sketched out special date isn’t all that romantic as expected:

Imagine getting to line up a whole romantic day just to make you partner happy and everything turns out to be not as you wished it would! Or even worse, when your loved ones doesn’t like it as much as you expected them to be! The less you expect the more happy you’ll be, you know!

6.You can have a rocking girls night gathering:

Whether you’ll watch a movie, roll a fashion show, play heads up, I can assure you that it will 100% be better than going out on a date and getting to worry whether you still look okay or if your mascara is a little too smudged.

7.No plans for today, yet you’ll love it:

See how Phoebe rolls her life? You’d probably roll your day the way Phoebe did. Cause who doesn’t want to lay down in jumpsuit with a messy pony tail having a smoothie all day?

8.You could continue reading the novel you left on that shelf longtime ago:

There’s no better feeling when you get to continue what you’ve left behind a while ago, and if it’s a book, you’ll get to travel with your imagination on a whole other level. Some place away from valentine’s day and red giant teddy bears.

9.Catch up with someone you miss:

Whether you were too busy trying to keep in touch with a friend or a relative abroad of yours, today is the perfect time to check upon them and laugh it up bringing some good old memories and endless talks!

10.Practice your favorite skill:

Drawing while listening to some classic opera music? Maybe catching up with a training that you skipped last week? Might practice a little bit on your favorite musical instrument? What are you waiting for! Today’s all yours, no commitment, no drama, NOTHING!

If there’s anything I’d want to mention it will be; if you love someone, you love them everyday, you celebrate your love daily and gifts can be only words and acts of love, you don’t really need a specific worldwide day to love someone or show it! Spread love and be kind to one another.