Top 5 Breakfast Places that Will Make your Day Brighter

Breakfast is just so important, healthy and medical reasons aside, it can either make or break your day. A good breakfast meal will prepare you to face the world. That’s why we prepared this list for you to change your ordinary boring breakfast and brighten your day.

1- Caribou Cafe

A new cafe opened in Tivoli and Concord Plaza. They have a mouthwatering cheese croissant, also you have to try their “Campfire Mocha”. Soon you will be addicted to this place

2- Gad

Of course we all know and tried Gad before, but what you might have never tried is their mouthwatering “Fol Belsojouk” and “Gebna Ma2lia”.

3- Left bank

Located in Zamalek, it has the best Nile view with exotic fresh air that will let your mind wander. Drinking their latte with the best pancakes in town covered with chocolate is one thing you will definitely thank us for. They also have a bakery section that you will get you confused of what to order.

4- TBS

Located in Korba and Zamalek. Starting your day with their smoked salmon sandwich, mini pizza or rex milano will make your day much better. You shouldn’t forget to try their milk chocolate donuts;)

5- Lucille’s restaurant

Located in Maadi as well as Tagmo3. Try their french toast covered with butter accompanied with their iced tea, but most importantly don’t forget to try their pancakes which will dazzle your taste buds.

Had a good breakfast meal? Now you’re ready to face the world. You’re welcome.