Body Shaming Anybody Is Shame

Body shaming is not a new phenomenon for women. Women are experiencing body-shaming every single day in their lives. Society just finds humor in degrading a woman’s body. Some people even take the insecurities of their own bodies and aim them against other people just to feel better about themselves. Body shaming is causing millions of the teenagers to face anxiety, insecurities and other mental illness. You wouldn’t be surprised. You’ve probably watched someone go through body shaming in an extreme way. Someone that has struggled for years as a result of having their insecurities mentioned as “fat” or “skinny”.

The problem has gone into extreme in Egypt too, where beauty standards are just too restricted. A woman is usually expected to look perfect. A lot of job interviewers hire a woman for a job only if her body is acceptable to them -mostly neglecting any other qualifications-. A woman to-be-married is expected to look skinny, but not too skinny. And a bit curvy, but not so curvy.. Probably most men choose a woman according to how her body looks, totally ignoring that her “set of mind” is what’s going to raise his kids. Magazines worldwide put the spotlight on women with “the perfect body”, little do they know that it’s shame to body-shame all other girls (that are not size 0) just to sell papers.

As a result, many teenagers and adults are facing the struggles of trying to fit. Girls go on unhealthy diets for months trying to lose as much as weight as possible. Some girls are even taken to severe eating disorders until they’re so thin that they’re body-shamed for being this skinny. This shows how skinny girls try to gain weight. On the other side, girls with extra fat body are trying to lose weight by every way possible. While both are trying their best just to fit the standards of a judgmental society where everyone only cares about looks, before they care about what’s in there. And let me tell you, society is NEVER satisfied.

The cycle is never ending and the victims are often young girls. That’s why it’s a duty for every parent to teach their kids that their body is nothing to be ashamed of. And that “Health” is way more important and worth more attention than how her body looks. Every single woman/girl should embrace her beauty and body, and ignore whoever tells her otherwise.  Instead of body-shaming, people should be supporting, motivating and encouraging each other. Until this ever happens, body shaming will always be an issue and will always be SHAME. If you want to lose weight, do it -for your own happiness-. If you do not want to, then don’t! You only have to be healthy, confident and strong. Empower yourself and empower every other girl. Shut down the haters and tell them to get a life before judging anyone else. Sizes and numbers will never define who you are. You are born to be powerful, beautiful and successful in each and every shape.