Relationships 101- According to Ted Mosby

For 9 years, Ted Mosby has been telling the story of how he was looking for his long lost soulmate. He’s been on a trip full of ups, downs, blue French horns, and yellow umbrellas. The story of how he met their mother, the long road full of heartbreaks, cheesy relationships, and finally finding true love was hard, fun, and inspirational.

Suit up, and get ready to finally learn a lesson or two from Ted Mosby. We promise it’s going to be raw-1

Believe in yourself, Ted has been turned down more than once, he has been rejected, made fun of, even left at the altar. He’s been through a lot, but he never lost hope and he always believed in what he was doing when everyone else didn’t. Accept your flaws and your mistakes, somehow they helped you grow into who you are now.ted4

The road won’t be paved with roses, only lucky people find love -and what they want to do in life- easily. As for the rest of us,  there will be moments when you don’t feel good about yourself, when you have no idea if you will ever do something with the life you’ve been given. Sometimes you’ll fail, your loved ones will leave you and it won’t make any sense for a while, but that takes us back to the believe in yourself. Ted was turned down as an architect and a lover, more than anyone, and he still made it through life happily and successfully.


Go the distance, when you meet “The One”, don’t hesitate, do whatever it takes to get them. Don’t be shy to dance for the sky to rain, or do your best to create the most romantic 2 minute date! It won’t be so easy, but it’s worth it. And you’ll have a cool story to tell your kids.


Know when it’s time to leave, whether you want to or not. You’ll have to let go and accept that some fights are not worth it. You’ll have to let Robin marry Barney after going the distance to find her locket, because that’s what you both need.


What you’ve been looking for will come to you, when you think that it’s over. When you’re most desperate, your yellow umbrella will be show up. You’ll know it the second you see it, and every non-sense step you took along the way will finally make sense.http-%2f%2fmashable-com%2fwp-content%2fgallery%2fhow-i-met-your-mother%2ftumblr_maw6n1qjdm1qc87cgo1_500-1

And maybe life will choose to give you an extra reward for being true to yourself, maybe you’ll get your blue French horn. With some extra courage you can finally reach the very first dream you always wanted and get your Robin.anigif_enhanced-9825-139631686-1