Going Somewhere to Watch a Match, You Might End Up Dead or in a Hospital 

Mahmoud Bayoumi, a young man lost his life a couple of days ago in a café. Bayoumi who went to watch the match with his fiancee never thought he’d end up losing his life.

According to witnesses, the story goes as follows

The case has been taken to court and obviously the killer is trying to make it look like a self-defense case.

Another case that didn’t get much attention was AbdelRahman who is now staying in the hospital for parking his car in front of Abu Fares, because somehow they think they own the street.

Obviously we all need to do something concerning cafés and restaurants thinking that they have the right to simply lock people inside, hit or even kill them. Let’s set things straight; your sole purpose for working is to serve us and satisfy us, your one and only source of revenue.