Women Confess Why They Choose to be Single Over Being In a Relationship

Being single isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes women deliberately choose to be single unlike what our dear society call it “3anes, me3ada2a, maby3gebhash el 3agab…

Although most people might not agree with that claim, but I hate to break it to you, not every woman spends her life looking for Prince Charming and the perfect relationship.

We’ve anonymously questioned 10 single women and here are their unique and various confessions why they’re single, and the results varied.

Confession #1: 
I’m not ready to devote myself to someone yet“, she said.
And she continued “Maybe I myself need to grow more first.

Confession #2:
I’m afraid I wouldn’t want to take the risk with someone and end up disappointed. I need to figure out what I want to do with my life first before I ever consider a serious relationship, I need to find what I want to do concerning my future career and what I want to do with my life
Most importantly she added; “Nobody ever attracted me, personality wise. I want someone I can spend my life with.

Confession #3:
I need to understand myself first.

Confession #4:
I’m afraid of giving my heart to someone who won’t appreciate it or take my love for granted. I didn’t find the one that mesmerized me according to how I want my future husband to be.

Confession #5:
I never found the man of my dreams. Someone who will be proud of my success, can handle my strength, ready to be a part of his children’s life, and would happily help me with the housework. Obviously the man of my dreams is just a normal man, but they’re rare.”

Confession #6:
There are like too many reasons but the first one is; I have this thing about me waiting for the right person and I don’t want to waste my time on wrong temporary people in general
If you’re asking why I never dated” she added; “It will be because most of the guys I met are just not the type I want, plus I don’t want to take a decision that I will later regret. That’s the main reason, I never want to regret something so important to me, I’m such a sensitive person and I hate losing people.

Confession #7:
I find it hard to trust people. My father left us at a very young age, and my mom did everything possible to make us grow healthy and successful. She’s the strongest person I know. However, I don’t want to be like her.

Confession #8:
As a 19 years old girl, Boys my age never attract me; older gentlemen attract me more. I like a wise man who can handle responsibilities.
Confession #9:
” What I actually see around me from temporary relationships made me think more than twice and doubt everything concerning getting into a relationship, I want something and someone for a lifetime. Someone who knows that once I give him my heart, there’s no going back

Confession #10:
I believe that relationships is just another word for responsibilities. You have to be completely ready in order to get into one. You’ll be planning a whole life ahead, you have to choose the right person; someone who will be a good father to your children. I was a child of bad marriage myself, and I don’t think I can ever do that to my own children.

It’s never awkward to be single, it just takes time and deeper soul-searching to find someone who deserves you.