10 Things Only Dog Owners Understand

Having a dog is totally a blessing until you come back home and all you see is mess everywhere! They’re the ultimate best friend yet the cutest little annoying thing… These are 10 things only we -dog owners- understand:

1. The head tilt.


It’s much like a please. You’re trying your best to refuse taking them out, they give you this head tilt and it’s very hard to resist this cute action.

2. Dog Hair Everywhere!


The struggle is REAL! You have hair all over the couches, the beds, the clothes, scarves and everything. No matter how hard you wash them, it just never comes off.

3. Personal space is something from the past.


Dogs follow you everywhere. Like, literally, EVERYWHERE -even to the bathroom-

4. Packing is a struggle.


You can’t just get your things packed without having him sit inside your bag.

5. The Excitement is everything.


No matter how bad of a day you had, coming home and having your dog running around, wagging their tail, so excited to see you is the best feeling.

6. Realizing you will always have a best friend.


They are always there. They do listen like a friend. They do give you this unconditional love and they can always cheer you up!

7. The licking.


Who knows where else their mouths have been but you know that it’s just how they connect with you and show affection.

8. Car rides aren’t always a good idea.


Specially when the dog decides to bark at every single human being in the streets.

9. We probably smile and laugh more often than normal people.


If I had a dollar for every time my dog made me smile, I’d be a millionaire.

10. Feeling something special for your dogs.


Even though all dogs are adorable, there’s just something a little cuter about my dogs.