Milk and Honey: Every Feminist’s Dream

I’ve recently finished reading Milk and Honey poetry book – a collection of short modern poems directed at girls and woman of all ages. The book is written by a Canadian poet, writer and spoken word artist called Rupi Kaur. It is a distinct piece that summarises the pain and beauty that women experience.

Milk and Honey is divided into four chapters that each serve a different aim. There are two chapters that circle around abuse and loss while the other two are about love, healing and self-love.

Most of the poems are so well written that they feel surreal. The writer manages to take you to a different world of heartache and agony, but yet it manages to pull you right out of it where you are surrounded with sunshine and love.

I particularly liked the illustrations that are present below each poem. They are so simple that you’d think they’re drawn by any ordinary person, yet they undoubtedly added a powerful effect to the mood of the overall mood.

However, a few of the poems seemed a bit too familiar to me. One poem said “accept yourself as you were designed” which I thought sounded very obvious and didn’t really have to be part of this book. Even though the majority of the poems were lyrical and very plain, they were quite gripping despite the few which seemed pretentious.

Milk and Honey is a book that is worth adding to your book shelves. It is an all-you-need-to know guide about hurting and recovering. I recommend Milk and Honey to every feminist, teenager, woman -and even guy- out there.