Top Ten Burger List For 2017

We all love burger, who wouldn’t love this!

You crave burger at least once a month but you sometimes want to try new restaurants until you settle at the best burger in town.

And here we will try to guide you through which burgers you should try before you die 😉

This list is arranged according to the best till the good restaurants in Cairo

1- Food Gun

This restaurant is located in Heliopolis, the restaurant is cowboy decorated with hats and barrels. Their food portion will make you full no matter how hungry you are, with reasonable prices. The taste of their beef burger covered with cheddar cheese, bacon, mushroom and caramelized onions are so good to be true.


2- Philo’s Cucina

Located in Kolyet Elbanat, Heliopolis. It is a small restaurant but full of surprises!! Their innovative menu will get you confused of what to choose, whether it is mix cheese stuffed burger, cheese stuffed hot dog or their cowboy burger (beef burger covered with cheese, mushrooms and onion rings)!!

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3- Backfire Egypt

Located in Mirage Mall, Tagmoo3. They know how to be unique in their own way. Their burger is topped with cheesy pasta because who doesn’t love past? Better try their chili cheese fries.

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4- Lucille’s Restaurant

Located in Maadi and Tagmoo3. Their burger is juicy and will fill your stomach that you will find it hard to breathe, try their TEXAS burger, a 330 gm of beef covered with 3 cheese and crispy onion rings. Better be hungry to finish it;)


5- Willy’s Kitchen

Located in Nasr City and Dokki. It’s more like they add to the burger everything you love! They have burger with nachos, cheese and wrapped burger!! Try their blue ribbon burger, a mouth-watering burger covered with pomegranate onion molasses & blue cheese sauce and melted cheddar cheese, yummy isn’t it!

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6- Mince

Located in Zamalek, Heliopolis and Tagmoo3. A barbeque special burger is a must. Fill your mouth with juicy burger topped with cheese, caramelized onions, barbeque sauce, lettuce and tomatoes, and for a side dish order waffle potatoes covered with melted cheese and sour cream. Don’t leave without trying “ELVIS” a french toast with ice cream, bananas and caramel sauce.

7- Butchers Burger

Located in Zamalek, City Stars and Cairo Festival. Now let’s spice it up with some jalapeno and onions on top of beef burger well made… PS: it’s the hottest burger in town ;). If you didn’t try a Fried ice cream before, I think it’s time for you to surprise your taste buds with sweetened fried, vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce. Hungry already?14681843_1295256240506494_1002362831196431570_n

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8- Buffalo Burger

Located all over Cairo. The Rastafari Beef sandwich. It is a beef burger with thousand island sauce, lettuce, onion, and tomatoes, topped with jalapeno cheddar sticks. Who said that heaven can’t be on earth?


9- Salt Egypt

Located in Marghani, Heliopolis. A double cheese burger topped with 2 cheese layers and freshly baked bread with french fries are worth trying.


10- The Burger Factory

Located in Downtown Mall and Korba. Try their Steaky Burger, a beef burger with beef strips, garlic mayo, cheese, chili and caramelized onions. Their burger tastes amazing but they should reconsider their food portions.