The Kiosk is Back, Reviving the Memory of Mostafa Ghannam!

The Kiosk is one of the best burger restaurants in town! The Kiosk’s soft opening was held yesterday after 8 months of absence. It’s not an ordinary restaurant, it holds stories that only few knew about.
It was founded in 2015 by one of the most inspirational and sweetest people you would ever meet, Mostafa Ghannam.
The decoration of his restaurant was unique in its own way, the same as Mostafa. It was his dream. Mostafa’s motive that almost everyone knew about was “Dare to be different”.

Almost Everything Mostafa did was different. He did what he believed in and had passion for. Unfortunately his restaurant “The Kiosk” had been closed for technical reasons last Ramadan. But the big trauma was the death of the 29 year old, Mostafa himself, in a bike accident last August that we all still grief until this moment. But with the presence of his close and beloved ones, They know how to revive his memory. By reopening his restaurant, that everyone loved its burger. But it’s relocated in 97 Omar Ibn El Khatab, Almaza, Masr elgdida

We want you all to give the kiosk a try;) and pray for Mostafa.