El 3osba; 6 Egyptian Superheroes That We Need on Daily Basis

A league of six Egyptian superheroes combating the evil and corruption we face on our everyday lives! If that doesn’t grab your attention, I have no idea what will.

John Maher first introduced us to El3osba through a series of Facebook short stories, he was later joined by Maged Raafat and together they worked on the script, layout, and dialogue. Ahmed Raafat joined the team later as the artist who designed the character and drew the series, and finally guest artist Youssef Shabana joined in the second and third issues. Together they transformmed John’s Facebook posts into an actual comic book!

El3osba is basically good news to everyone who grew up to reading Mickey and Maged, it’s bringing back comic books to life in a cool and adventurous way.

The League –who are perceived as vigilantes- consists of six members from various backgrounds that once you know them you’ll find yourself wishing that you actually meet them in lots of occasions!

Members of El3osba:

Horus حورس:



An ancient Egyptian deity who is reincarnated in our current time as a man with super intelligence and powers. He started fighting crime and corruption in the streets of Egypt before becoming one of the core members of El3osba.

Microbusgy ميكروباصجي:



A microbus driver who, after his microbus falls in an enchanted canal (ترعة), gains shapeshifting powers and control over the elements of fire and dust.


El Walhan الولهان:


A skilled fighter brought up and trained in a harsh desert environment in a mercenary bedouin camp, until a life changing event makes him decide to abandon his past life and become a vigilante/hero helping other people.


Mariam مريم:


A doctor with healing powers who is also a staunch believer in the betterment of women’s role in Egyptian society.



Kaf كاف:


An Egyptian intelligence officer who, during one of his missions comes in contact with a mystical entity that granted him the power to cast spells. He also wields a magical cloak.



Alpha ألفا:


Being from a planet inhabited by an advanced race that monitors Earths from different universes. He takes notice of one particular Earth (ours) and its band of superheroes, still operating separately at the time,  and decides to intervene and unite the heroes together under one team, “El3osba”.


You can find El3osba at:

  • Virgin Megastore
  • Sherouq
  • Diwan
  • Alef
  • Kotobna app
  • And you can also order it through ComicsGate
  • Cairo International Book Fair, Ketabi booth, hall 2.

Here’s what we think you should do, visit the nearest store or order it and enjoy the first three issues of one of the smartest comic books we’ve read in ages.

Follow @El3osba on Twitter, Instagram and like their Facebook Page to stay updated with their news!

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