El-Esseily, Sheeba and Zap Tharwat release a new song and the reviews are shockingly not as expected.

We’ve been trying to spot elroo7 el7ilwa in the smallest things around us for a while now and when we listened to the latest Pepsi creation for the Cup of African Nations, we were left with smiles on our faces. It totally reminded us of the good old days when we gathered with the fam and friends to watch monatakhbna.

The collaboration of El Eisseily’s beatific voice, Sheeba’s urbanized tone and Zap Tharwat’s striking raps brought us back to the good ol’ spirits of football.

The song received mixed reviews between those who saw it well-crafted and those who saw it could’ve been better.

Here are some of the comments:












But still, we needed that portion of positivity, so we sincerely thank them for that.