Secrets to A Long Loving Relationship

It all comes down to love. The four-letter- word that has all the world’s poems and stories written about. It’s often involved in our highest highs and our deepest lows. Imagine yourself in an old age for a moment. You’re sitting in the sunshine next to your partner, surrounded by the laughter of your children. Yes I know, this sounds like the most unwatchable, corniest movie ever. But deep down, wouldn’t you feel you want to live a moment like this? I’m sure you do. So here are some secrets to achieve the longest and most loving relationship ever.

 Put each other first

It’s essential for a strong long-term relationship. Be unselfish, put a partner’s happiness and needs before your own. That’s how it works. If you’ve chosen your partner well, they’ll be doing the same thing. So you can ignore your own needs, because your partner will be giving them priority on your behalf.


Be together because you want to, not because you need to

If you and your partner are doing it right, you both can manage being without each other; because in a strong relationship, partners encourage each other’s independence and confidence. Not to say that you’d choose to leave, but you will be able to if you had to. So why are you with them? Because you both want to be with each other, not because you need to. Need surely exists, but it can’t be the main reason that leads to be together.

Give each other space

There will be times when a partner wants to disappear. Times when one would prefer going out with friends or lock themselves at the room reading a book rather than spending time with you. It can never be interpreted as rejecting being with the partner, it simply refers to the idea of being alone is a great bless and one needs to enjoy. The amount of space needed differs from one person to another. Some people need space routinely, and some need it when things are going badly. Just don’t get offended when your partner asks for some space, because it has nothing to do with you. So it’s either to give them their space, or they’ll start to feel trapped.


Never stop trying to be attractive 

One don’t always have to spend hours wearing make-up or choosing clothes or wearing, because this isn’t always realistic…and it’s fine! Because if a partner loves you, they’ll still find you attractive because you’re you. But please, don’t take this for granted! Don’t just think because you’ve been catching your partner’s attention for a while, you can now meet them with an old T-shirt or decide not to wear any perfume and expect them to be okay with it. No! It’s not okay! It’s really not hard to spend more time in front of the mirror, or wear something that looks flattering on you. By doing this, you’re showing a partner some respect by putting their view into consideration.