Azza Fahmy Strikes Again With New Umm Kolthoum Inspired Collection

We’re used to the delicate and exquisite jewelry pieces by the iconic Egyptian designer Azza Fahmy, but this time we were extra keen on taking a closer look, and that was after we heard that the Valentine’s Day collection is inspired by the phenomenal Umm Kolthoum under the name #OnlyLove.

When asked why Umm Kolthoum, the Egyptian Designer stated the following:

“What more can I say… She’s a role model! A woman who became Egypt’s number one lady. I cherish her so much for her artistic, charitable, and nationalistic affairs’.

The pieces are adorned with some of the most significant lyrics of El set, like,

“أنا الي أعطيتك من غير متتكلم، أن إلي علمتك من غير متتعلم”

“القلب يعشق كل جميل”

“إنت عمري”

Their subtle yet elegant formats are the perfect combination for a unique gift for your wife, girlfriend or mom!

You can check out the Umm Koulthom inspired collection here

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