Film Review: A Present from the Past

Kawthar, a filmmaking student, surprises her father Mokhtar, a filmmaking professor, on his 75th birthday with two tickets to Rome to search for his long lost love Patrizia. Documentary filmmaking couldn’t get any better.


The great filmmaker Stanley Kubrick said that if you want to shoot a documentary, simply take a camera and start shooting anything you find daily until you form a story. Kawthar Younis executed this perfectly in the most heartwarming way and it’s all shot through hidden cameras. This concept of shooting made it an obstacle to view some scenes, sometimes tilted and poorly framed, but Mokhtar’s emotional commitment to finding Patrizia and giving her back her ring that he kept for 33 years will paralyze any doubtful viewers.


The father and daughter’s playful relationship and the anticipation whether they’ll find Patrizia after all these years with just a name and an address is what shaped this film into the beauty that it is. Kawthar Younis is a promising filmmaker with more potential and talent to give to the big screen. 20 September: A Present from The Past is a must watch and it’s the most heartwarming film you’ll enjoy in a while it’s full of laughs and eventually tears. I enjoyed every second watching it.