How To Strike Up New Friendships

Having friends is great, but having friends who understand you is even better. Maybe you’ve always wanted friends who have similar personality traits and you just don’t know how to start conversations . Or perhaps you’re sticking to the people you already know because you’re scared of judgemental people. Well, actually, making friends -for whatever reason- is super easy if you follow these steps.

1) Join Courses

You are more likely going to find like-minded people in a place where you both are connected with the same interests. If you like art, then you could sign up for an art course in any centre. If you are a book nerd (like me) then phone a bookstore/library and ask them if there are any workshops being held soon. It may sound scary to actually get out of your house to attend the courses but like they always say “great things happen out of your comfort zone” and again these activities are things you love doing so you should be fine!

2) Be Friendly
Now that you’ve managed to arrive at your destination, look confident! No one wants to be approached by someone who has a frown on his face and has his shoulders hunched beside him. Make sure that you look approachable before starting a conversation with someone by 1) smiling 2) standing tall 3) relaxing. Perhaps start with a simple compliment like “I like your bracelet” and from there ask questions about the person. If they seems like they’re interested in the conversation (and they most likely will be) then there you go! You’ve made a friend!

3) Do Some Effort

Making a friend was the easy part but now maintaining a friendship requires the effort and dedication. You need to constantly reach out to your friend and invite them to go out to places. Check on them every now and then and maybe even get to know their parents. Now that you know what your friend is interested in, participate in things and let them join you in activities you like, too.