Tabali Bistro – Review

Are you a fan of Oriental food? Would you like to go for a great breakfast somewhere? We have found you the right place!

Tabali Bistro has the ultimate breakfast goals. Their Foul and Ta3meya are something else. You can have your favorite oriental breakfast in a cozy atmosphere. Are you craving Koshary? You can ask for the delicious Koshary and you won’t want to miss their Roz Be Laban. They have refreshing smoothies and fresh fruits.  And their menu is full of every Egyptian oriental dishes!

Let alone their special decor and odd style. Most of their chairs are made of big ‘Samna’ cans, their walls are painted with old ads and their outdoor is sunny and cozy.  Their prices are average and the food is well-done. The service is pretty great. They’re rated 4.5 stars on their Facebook official page, and a few celebrities showed up there, too.











You can find Tabali Bistro at:

1. Tagamoa: (106 Town Center, Behind City Bank, Off Road 90)
2. Heliopolis: (18 Nazhih Kalifa St., Korba, Heliopolis, in front of Ahram Subway Metro Station)

So if you’re looking for a nice place for your next day-off with oriental food, different style, average prices and amazing atmosphere, you have found it already!