Before Sunrise – Movie review

“Before Sunrise” is one of the most beautifully filmed movies which made us believe in love at first sight. A story of two strangers bound in Vienna’s lonely night, one night of love and passion in all its glory and aureole.

Jesse and Celine, an American guy and a French girl in their early 20s who meet on a train in Austria, where Jesse feels that instant, extreme and ultimately long-lasting attraction for her, so they start talking. They go to the buffet car, drink some coffee while getting to know each other. Suddenly, they get this crazy idea of getting off the train and spending 24 hours together in Vienna. The fact that they won’t see each other again leads them to reveal almost everything about themselves and they fall for each other.output_30qckv

The movie is dialogue-based, and every conversation between Jesse and Celine is so well-scripted and so real to a mind-blowing extent, as if it came out from some sincere late night conversations with our best friends or beloved ones. The script is so true that it’s not even too fantastic to believe. There’s no hidden scripts or agendas, no twists, no betrayals, no violence or even fancy sex scenes. It’s like real life with an invisible camera.

One sure thing is, if you watched “Before Sunrise” once, you’ll never forget it. That’s because of its strong impact on audience with all the simplicity and reality being characterized in it. I can’t understand why this movie wasn’t nominated to the Oscars, with such a breathtaking direction and performances! LIKE WHY HOLLYWOOD! SERIOUSLY WHY!


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