A Quick Method to Spend More Useful Time on the Internet.

Social media is taking control of our lives, you spend hours and hours scrolling and checking newsfeed for some gossip and news that you barely even remember a word from at the end of the day.

Good news is, the internet is utterly wide that searching for the perfect way to waste your time is actually time consuming. So, here are the easy simple steps to waste the next few hours doing something actually fun and useful.

One of the best ways to learn something new is through short visual sessions. What’s better than videos about random topics and questions covered in less than 15 min? Some videos are only 3-8 mins (if you can keep up with it) -0r some hilarious YouTube Channel doing pranks on people!-
Listed below our favorite YouTube channels that are totally better than just scrolling through your newsfeed:

Vsauce: by mixing physics and weird questions into one video with visual content and Michael Stevens’ humor Vsauce will be your next reason to drop your math course at college.

ProTip: Space videos is just are just awesome!

CrashCourse: the two brothers are the experts here. Giving you a full course in philosophy, literature, economics, history, psychology, biology, and much more. Pick your favorite course, we promise you’ll lose track of time.

ProTip: The made philosophy really simple and enjoyable, CrashCourse now have Arabic subtitles as well.


Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell: the most gruesome parasites, fusion energy, and space elevators. Pretty complicated stuff, isn’t?  In a Nutshell solved explains the most complicated topics in 10 minute videos. However, you need to stay focused the whole time.

LEMMiNO (previously called 10 top): as the name shows, your go to channel for top 10 videos. You’ll find very interesting topics there. The youtuber changed the name of the channel to LEMMiNO (his nickname) because he decided he will make longer videos about various topics which are very catchy. You should definitely a check-out.

CGP Grey: ever wondered what is Brexit? What causes traffic jam? Well, CGP Grey has the answers for some obvious non answered questions. Using very simple graphic effects and very interesting general topics is the bedrock of this channel’s ideas. CGP Grey is one of my personal favourites, I feel like he gets me with almost every video, like he knows what I really need to watch.

Pro tip: just check “you are two” and “the rules for rulers”. Trust me.

Egychology – ايجيكولوجي: Yes, an Egyptian channel. A special educational channel that discusses almost every topic you can think of from the point of view of Red & Blue. Topics even reached a scientific explanation to love, and what makes us feel disgusted by Azmy and Ashgan. Worth to check out.

ProTip: Watch why Egypt lost to Cameroon, according to physics.

Ownage Pranks: to be clear, this channel has nothing to do with education. It’s basically a voice actor calling other people, random business owners, or a famous restaurant to prank them on demand of their relatives. Videos are real and unscripted. The awesomeness comes when you forget that all voices are done by one person!
A good channel to have a laugh, and it could be a nice way to open a conversation with your crush! 😉

Pro tip: check the animated videos! They’re hilarious.

And remember, there’s always time for one more video.