6 Types Of Guys Every Girl Gets Attracted To

1-The Mysterious/Deep


When your eyes fall on him, you just know it. That guy who contemplates everything around him, he even contemplates his existence at times (and yup, we find that attractive, if you know what I mean)

You can never expect his answer, even in the most random/mainstream questions like ‘3amel eh?’. His Facebook profile can be summed up in a bunch of posts that are too deep to be understood, that sometimes you get doubts on whether he, himself, understands them or not.

But don’t get your expectations too high. A relationship with a mysterious fella won’t be as fun, because you’ll find yourself striving to know what you deserve to know.

And the big surprise is that you’ll find out–by complete coincidence- eno kan kharebha ablek.



2-The Funny



Where you find a group of girls circled and laughing their heart out, you’ll find him in the middle of that circle.

He’s that guy that turns the hangouts from boring to comical, that guy that is an encyclopedia in jokes, and knows how to tailor the right ‘effeh’ in the situation.  You just know that he is what your life needs at the moment, and that he will end the drama era from your life.


That sounds too good, right? Too good to be true maybe?

Maybe God had given him the gift of humor, but he didn’t give him the gift of commitment.

This type can never be committed to only one girl, they love being as free as a bird, jumping from one nest to the other. Adding that they’re never good when it comes to expressing feelings and showing emotions.


3-The Best Friend


He keeps your secrets, he knows all the guys you crush on, he’d seen you with the Hollywood look and the homeless look, he makes you laugh, you see him more than you see your own parents, and your parents know him and love him (which doesn’t happen quite often)

Regardless all of the above, and how you sometimes question your feelings towards him, but the truth is; he’ll end up being a victim of the curse; the friend-zone curse.


4-The Na7noo7


I know you’re all wondering; seriously? Na7noo7? Who’d ever fall for that? But the truth is, when you first meet that guy, you don’t really perceive him as na7noo7 as much as your perceive him as the guy who knows how to treat a girl.

But then, you find him telling your girl-friends the same things he tells you, he’s constantly (we repeat, constantly) complementing you on normal things that every girl has that you no more enjoy it, and finally, with no surprise, all his friends are girls.

This guy knows how to get to every girl, but you get bored of him in no time.


5-The Attractive


And we’re talking about the real-soon-to-be-extinct attractive type and not the I-swear-he’s-attractive-let-me-just-search-for-another-picture type.

In a crowded place, he hooks you with his handsome face and only in a matter of seconds he falls in love you, you guys are married, traveled the world twice, had babies and are goals to all your friends.

Until one of your friends snap you out of La La Land.

He’s a good material for photos and bragging in front of your friends, but when it comes to the brains. You won’t find him 7erek at all.


6-The Player


Oh, do I even need to talk about that type?

He has a glimpse of all the before mentioned traits.

He can be the good looking bad boy that can make you laugh and compliment you while having the best friend material all at the same time,

Only when he wants to (evil laugh attached here)

He, surely, knows your codes and he knows how to crack them. He’ll know how to make you interested even if you’re not. He’ll get under your skin and everything around you will remind you of him and don’t ask how.

Because only he has the answer to that..