Who can compete with the Obamas?

President Barack Obama dances to the music with first lady Michelle Obama, with daughter Malia Obama, right, while attending Team USA and Brazil in an Olympic men's exhibition basketball game, Monday, July 16, 2012, in Washington. Team USA won 80-69. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Written by: Yasmeen Ragab

It has been declared gentlemen, as the presidency of Barack Obama is coming to an end the media now is showing us daily how he appreciates his wife.

This is our advice to you, guys. APPRECIATE HER. Make her always feel that her existence is worthy, that she is not just an Oxygen consumer. Every now and then make her realize that she makes a difference in your life and that she is important. Thank her for being there when nobody else is. Let her know that you are not bored of who she is, make her laugh, let her forget all her insecurities and trust me you will be amazed by how anti-dramatic she will be.

We have a problem or a misconception in the mindset of most of the Eastern guys that it makes them less “manly” if they praise their wives/significant other in public. Well, I hate to burst your bubble, guys, but making others know that you are lucky and that you are with a good woman does not affect your manhood negatively in any possible way. Here Obama has set a role model for all men. He stood there and said that Michelle is not only his wife and the mother of his children but also his best friend. He added that she took a role she did not ask for and that she did it perfectly and the crowd just went crazy. This, guys, will not only make people look up to you but it will also make her proud to have a man like you and that is priceless.

Kiss her forehead, hold her hand, smile whenever her eyes falls on you in public. It is not a lot, it is not complicated, it is just what women need to feel every now and then.

Ladies and gentlemen, Michelle and Barack Obama are the new ultimate realistic relationship goal. Now, who can compete the Obamas?