5 Things Every Grandma Does

No one can replace grandmas, they are the origin of kindness, generosity and pure love. Family gatherings are the best because of her warmth presence. Grandmothers are similar in so many ways, here are five things that almost every grandmother does!

1-Early mornings

Every grandma wakes up at 7am. Her day starts by making bed, breakfast -there’s nothing like your grandmother’s breakfast tbh- and cleaning the house. She then starts calling every daughter and son to make sure that they are doing fine. She does her best to keep everyone happy, comfortable, and satisfied even if she needs this more than any of us.

2-Her food is always the best

Grandmas always make sure that each of her grandchildren is full and keeps feeding them no matter how many times they assure her that they aren’t hungry. Grandmothers always makes our favourite food; think of her “Bashamel”, “cakes” and the taste of her food is always better than anyone else. She does everything with “Love”.

3-She’ll always have your back!

Your grandmother cares like no other person; whatever the problem is, you will find her beside you and she’ll find a method to make things better.

When fighting with your parents, your grandmother will have your back!    Pro-tip; She’s the key to win any argument.

Sick, in trouble, or even in a bad mood, her shoulder will always carry your pain.

4-Sleeping over At her place

If it happens and you spend the weekend at her place; curfew is 9 o’clock and she’ll be worried if you’re not home 2 hours earlier! She will call every single minute until you reach home safely. If you’re spending the weekend with your cousins there, it always feels like you’re 10 again!

5. Endless Spoiling

As the proverb goes “a3az mn elweld, weld elweld” . With occasions and no occasion, she will make sure that you don’t need anything, you get endless money, love, and sweets. That takes us back to winning arguments; if you want anything and your parents disapprove, grandma will do her magic! 😉 


You will always feel home wherever she is, sitting beside her doing nothing will always be your favorite action.

There is no love like grandma’s love.