Your Guide To A Better 2017!

Young woman using smart phone at sunset

It’s that time of the year of “new year, new me” stuff. No doubt 2016 was an eventful year that we will remember its events for the rest of our lives. This time I want you to upgrade your bucket list for 2017. This time, I want us all to change our perspective of things. We’re growing up, and every year becomes harder than the previous one, because the elder we are, the more responsibilities we have. That’s why, I want us to grow up in a different way. I want you to realize that it is not easy to live to the fullest and be happy most of the times. I want you to understand that we are here to suffer and to learn. So that’s why we have to smile more often and face the disappointments that life throws at us with a strong heart. I want you to get over whatever is breaking your heart and spend more time with whatever brings you peace. I want you to go out as much as possible and meet new people. I want you to study hard, too. Hang out with people that aren’t your age and to get to know people who speak a different language. Learn new languages and save money to go to a new city. Fall in love with things rather than people. Get a pet to know the true meaning of unconditional love. Get yourself into trouble while in college or something so you could have stories to share with your kids. Visit a restaurant that doesn’t serve your typical food and get to taste what other countries love. Laugh as hard as possible when you get the chance. And cry because we are all humans. Make people happy and take them out. Read more books and watch more movies. Fall in and out of love, because how is it possible for a human not to love? Teach an illiterate man how to write. Be brave enough to talk about the things that hurt you the most. Talk with a 4-year-old child and an 80-year-old person to understand life again. Go to a concert and sing your lungs out. Listen to more music and draw your doodles all over your notebooks. Travel when you can and hang out late at night, because no one looks back at life and remember the nights they got plenty of sleep. Write down your feelings. Take more pictures and make tons of memories. Be an inspiration. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life. This is how you grow up. This is how you learn. And most of all, don’t forget to love yourself. Don’t forget that you deserve to live a life you’d remember when you’re 80. Have a blissful 2017!