Sixteen Highlights of ’16!

Congratulations, we are about to complete one whole trip around the sun, again! 2016 is wrapping up, it was a very weird year, we’re not sure if it was good or bad. Meh! The typical mixed feelings we get every year. The one thing we can’t deny is that it was eventful, here’s 2016 in a nutshell:

Leonardo Dicaprio won his first Oscar, what about it Leo?

Remember when this man hijacked a plane to meet his ex and people ended up in Cyprus!5a54273b-9e4c-40c1-b1d6-17e505b44829_16x9_600x338

Juhayna mentioned El Dondou and the world went crazy

And Wanous happened, this scene is hands down one of the best in 2016ِ

Aly and Nazly became the ultimate relationship goals14344299421466422658

Fifi Abdou found out snapchat and it was our lucky day.. Khamsa Mwahh ya Foffa

Brangelina split and everyone went crazy. Karma, is that you?giphy

Bassem Youssef declared World War III on Khaled Salahbks

This man explained how being blocked on Facebook in a dream means that you don’t pray. What?screen-shot-2016-08-25-at-7-46-51-pm-768x489

Er2os ya Hadary! wait, is it 2010 or does it just feel like it?

This girl was on TV shows for attending the match.. Who is she again?15497932_605630256303427_392755057_n

Finding sugar became mission impossible01-too-much-sugar-opener

Yalahwi 3awemo El Geneh!

Meet the new Mr. President!


Sahebat El Sa3ada did bring Sa3ada into our lives, many times

When 90 million Egyptians begged his dad eno yedilo el cake 3ashan begad 7aram!capture%d8%b4%d8%b3%d9%85%d9%86

We lost many beautiful souls in 2016, we heard some of the worst news, we almost lost hope, but we didn’t. With all the bad events we went through, 2016 did teach us a lot. Bring it on, 2017!