8 Times Marwan Younis Blessed Our Timelines in 2016

Marwan Younis is one of the people we’d like to thank 2016 for before it ends. The man changed the social media game with his first appearance in the “Whats apouts your first Oscars?” video, and he stole the lights since then! He managed to become our favorite comedian with his “Begad!“; Marwan knows how to clearly and lightly deliver the words that we fail to say.

Want proof? Here’s how Marwan blessed our timelines in 2016:

When he ranted about the “Whats apouts your first Oscars?” in the most hilarious way possible!

And then he took it upon himself to discuss the Egyptian statues crisis, eih ya m3alem el gamal da?

We never got a chance to thank him for his Ahmed Mousa video; he said everything we wanted to say, but he did it in a funny way.

Marwan introduced us to the coolest mother of the year, now we know the origin of his sense of humor.

He did the “Hello, thank you” way better than Mohamed Karim himself, begad.

Marwan asked his followers to help him compose a song. The result of the collaboration between Marwan and his followers was a hilarious song. Some of the lyrics said “Just in time you found me, leh betdawar 3alaya”, “tigi matgish, inshallah ma geet, ana khalas 3reft el beet”, and “Atalty el debana, w 3amalty fiha men Ghana.”

You can listen to the song here.

The man was there for us in the hardest of times. He guided us to get over depression.

Then once again we laughed our lungs out when he decided to introduce us to more of his mother’s humor.

Remember when he transformed a song into a horror movie! A mind that could think of that deserves to be praised.

The best part of being an Egyptian is our ability to face all the chaos and bad news with laughter. Marwan Younis mastered this and proved his talent, he made us laugh when times were dark, we can’t wait for all the things he’ll make us laugh about in 2017.