Hany El-Behairy’s 2016 Fashion Show


Egyptian Designer, Hany El Behairy fascinated his fashion fans with a great annual fashion show. The show took place on December the 5th, in Fairmont Tower, Heliopolis in Cairo. The new collection wasn’t just a bridal one, but it also included some beautiful gowns and bodysuits. Here are some looks of his 2016/2017 collection.


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Bridal gowns also made their way on the runway. All of his designs are known for embroidery and details, especially when it comes to wedding gowns.

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And as he’s known for his usage of celebrities as models for promoting the show, this year he made Amina Khalil as effortlessly gorgeous as always on the runway and added beauty to the wedding gown she was wearing to close the show.

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Other celebrities made their appearance at the show as Donia Samir Ghanem, Angham, Nadia El Gendy and others to support him. Dalia El-Behairy was the host of the night and looked as elegant as always. The hairdresser and makeup artist to all of the models was the talented ‘Mohamed El-Sagheer’.



Hany El-Bahairy’s annual show isn’t his only show every year. He’s gone big into the middle-east fashion world; he made his debut into Amman Fashion Week in 2013, and last year he got to show his designs at Milan Fashion Week.

Photo Credit: Photographer Emad Torad.