5 Reasons why women are labeled ‘complicated’

Written by: Nurhan Salah

Face it, humanity is closer to figuring out the relativity theory than figuring out women. Let us not call women ‘insanely crazy,’ we are just different, in a very unique way… and here is a list of the things that make us seem so complicated.

1. Hormonal roller coaster
Biologically speaking, women undergo lots of changes throughout a month. Sometimes our bodies even play ‘games’ with us, and we are bound to behave accordingly to our hormone levels, so gentlemen can call us ‘nekadyeen,’ how unfair.

2. Multi-tasking machine
So, she cooks lunch, picks up the kids from school, goes to work, waxes hair from roots, bleeds for almost a week each month AND looks good (well, most of the time) and you call yourself the man? Yeah, right.


3. Too much attention for trivial things

Well, we like to call them ‘details,’ these are what the big picture is made of. Little things matter, don’t they? The female brain has what we would like to call ‘wires’ so everything is connected and each little detail connotes a certain thing.

4. Extreme self-criticism

Magazines have taught us that if you’re not a size 2; you’re fat and ugly. Movies taught us that if we don’t wake up with full makeup on, then we failed as females. The never-ending beauty standards that are enforced upon us via all means of media have made self-acceptance seem like mission impossible.

5. No answer is ever satisfying

Situation 1: “Do I look fat in this dress?”

“No, not at all”

“Why do you have to lie to my face? I know I gained a few extra kilograms! Why can’t you just be honest?”

Situation 2: “Does this dress make me look fat?”

“Just a little”

“WHAT! Why can’t you just give me a nice compliment and make me feel good about myself?”

This might take us back to extreme self-criticism.