Meet Mohamed Nasser: The Artist Engineer

You’re most definetly a lucky person if you’ve been blessed by traits like being smart, funny, creative, and talented. Nasser Junior, the Batman lover comic artist and computer engineer does have it all -YES, WE ARE JEALOUS OF THAT-. The guy knows how to throw a joke at his teacher and have the teacher laugh so hard about it! He’s been very famous on social media lately and since most of the people know nothing about him other than his admiration to Batman and his college misery, we got to talk to Nasser and get you to know the guy even more

1. What pushed you towards being a comic artist? How did it all start?
It all started when I was a little kid, my father used to buy me kids comics like Majed, Bolbol and Mickey..I was never a fan of reading so I would  just check the drawings and maybe read on or two of the short one paged stories (like the ones I am currently doing). In my spare time I used to draw little comic strips using pens and papers with no bubble speeches.. I used to imagine the characters talking in my head as no one really read them. In school, grade 10, it was my first attempt to express my feelings towards learning using comics, my comics went viral among IGCSE students and students from other schools started to know me. Then came college, it was the beginning of all the great things and my comics started to break the internet..I started to take more courses in that field to go professional and it all began.

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2. Social media is double edged; how do you cope with haters, and does sudden fame bother you?
As you just said social media is double edged and so is fame..but so far I am enjoying it, as for the hate; at first I was never able to handle it, and seeing some people hating on me almost crushed me. But then I thought; I draw comics because that is what I am passionate about, I never did it for fame or followers. So, whether haters like my work or not, I will keep doing what I am doing because I love it. I totally accept and appreciate criticism and consider them in my future work.. But as for the pure hatred, It does not bother me anymore.

3. Do you plan on working in drawing comics or as an engineer?
I have always tried to get the best of both worlds and that`s why I chose computer engineering so maybe one day I can learn how to create games with characters of my own.

4. Where do you get inspiration to draw a comic?
Nothing specific, everything happens to me in my everyday life inspires me to do a comic about, but mostly college as it is where all the troubles come from.

5. Is drawing for your followers all you want or do you plan on going professional?
What about going professional for my followers? Of course I am planning to go professional, it has always been a dream to start my comic company and have so many prints on the book shelves and stuff.
6. Who’s your personal favorite comic artist?
Max Grecke, Jeff Harvey and Sean Galloway
7. What makes Batman better to you, seriously!

Come on, the guy is a billionaire who had his parents killed before his eyes. Instead unleashing his anger on the screwed society or at least enjoy his wealth, he decides to protect his city so no other kid suffers the same way he did, with no superpower.
8. How do you balance between studying and drawing?
Well I usually study all day long –yes I am a nerd- and draw like an hour by night everyday.
9. What piece of advice would you give people trying to start their comic career?
Drawing is a skill that is improved by practicing and learning. Do not just keep saying you are not talented enough, go grab a pencil and do something. It will take time and effort and lots and lots of crumbled papers, but you will eventually do it.

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