5 Things That Almost Every Egyptian Business Student Wish People Would Stop Saying

Egyptians somehow find a way to make studying business something you should be ashamed of, they magically find a way to look down at your field of study. And somehow most of us are programmed to consider going to business school when they can’t get in Kolleyet Qema. Well, I’d hate to break that to you, but solving 90% of Egypt’s problems relies on smart business solutions. Starting from education, medicine, and all the way to the dollar crisis, you need someone with very good management background to fix that. Here are 5 of the things that annoy every business student:

1.Mesh kont zakert w dakhalt handasa w faraht ahlak?

I’d love to know what makes you think what I’m studying is under any circumstances relevant to anyone’s happiness but mine. I can also tell you that my parents are happy as long as I’m happy but


2. Bas sahla business.. Mabetzakroush khales

Why don’t you try working on 5 group projects and an individual project while having exams and tell me how easy it is?

Young distressed student sleeping on the desk. See other images in my Back to School lightbox

3. Banat business helwa

This is the most annoying one to me! How was that association first made? Who thought of it? And where’s the relation between how you look and what you study?


4. Hateshtaghal cashier wala fi bank?

Not that any of these professions is bad or anything, but you guys really need to go educate yourselves! Business is included in each and every field nowadays, it’s just not our problem that you’re stuck in the 60’s.


5. Bas fil akher esmak metkharag men tegara!

Some people believe that this is an insult..


Just stop being shallow-minded please and let people do what they do best without putting social pressure on them. Want to be a lawyer, actor, artist, marketer, or whatever the hell you want to be? Go for it, don’t think twice, those who talk won’t be there when you’re stuck at a desk for 50 years doing something that you hate.