The Egyptian That Won A Prize From NASA

Dina Moussa, the 17-year-old girl that fascinated the whole world by an incredible invention.  She won a prize from NASA and Google during 2015 for inventing a drug that stops bleeding in a matter of ten seconds compared to the fifteen seconds that chemicals used in the current moment in the hospitals take.

She invented this substance as a graduation project for her high school in New York City. She spent a lot of time trying to contact different labs to experiment the substance, but all of her tries failed. And eventually, the lab she was working for agreed to help her. The drug she had invented has wonderful medical results; one drop from it can stop the bleeding of big wounds in 10 seconds time.

Dina is joining University next year to study Molecular Biology and is trying to do marketing for the drug and help save people’s lives, especially in Egypt. She has already finished doing researches on how to progress the new drug, and is already being sold by 2 cents per dose.

Not a lot of people know what she has already achieved in a very young age. But we’re already so proud of you, Dina!