Omar Fikry: Passion and Hardworking are The Key!

If you think that being an engineering student is hard, then being an engineering student who works and actually owns a business -and succeeding in both- might sound impossible to you.

Well, it’s not. There are countless examples that can actually inspire you by how small and smart they started, and today we got you one of them;

Omar Fikry, owner of Fikry Photography, is no more than a college student. Omar started photography in 2012, back when everyone was buying professional cameras and acting out as professional photographers, he decided to actually be one.

Having the talent and the passion, all he needed was some hard work to be responsible for documenting weddings of many people, and doing it beautifully.

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We talked to Omar and asked him what he thinks is the main reason to why people trust him as a photographer in documenting such important moments of their lives, what makes him successful, and here’s what he said:

My father supported and believed in me, he never told me that I should only focus on studying. I tried as much as possible not to think of the people trying to hold me back with their negativity and their demotivating comments; I had to prove them wrong. I’ve always wanted to be famous; not as a person, but as someone who’s professional and passionate in his work. And last, I never missed the chances life threw at me, those chances made me who I am today.


You think the story ends here? It doesn’t, Omar is now trusted by celebrities and he sure knows how to show their glamour!

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So here’s the thing; if you start doing what you love today with the right combination of talent, passion, and hard work, you’re guaranteed success.