Book Review: We Were Liars

“We are Sinclairs.

No one is needy.

No one is wrong.

We live, at least in the summertime, on a private island off the coast of Massachusetts.

Perhaps that is all you need to know.

Except that some of us are liars.”


Cadence is a Sinclair. The Sinclair’s are known for their wealth and fame. They spend every summer at Beechwood Island that is owned by the grandfather.

Every summer, Cadence,16, meets up with her two cousins Mirren and Johnny, and Johnny’s best friend Gat (who joins Johnny every summer on the Island). They call their group ‘The Liars’. Throughout the book we see Cadence suffering from migraines and constantly trying to remember an incident that seems vague to her. With the Sinclair’s refusing to remind her of that night, we’ll follow Cadence on a journey where she’ll fight to remember that night, until one chapter, where we’ll be left with dropped-jaws.


This book is quite different from any other book I’ve read. Not because the story is narrated during only one season throughout different years, nor that the author had a map to show the division of the island,


or that there was a family tree(because obviously the Sinclair’s are not your average family).



Of couuurse not! uh-uh!

The narrator, Emily Lockhart, creates this atmosphere that transfers you from your couch to the Sheerwood Island. And I mean it, I really do.

Starting from the writing technique that sometimes leaves you staring at a page for a bunch of minutes, to the mysterious and suspicious vibe that is there from page one till the end, to the unexpected twist and the feeling that overcomes you when everything finally falls into place. It’s just the perfect combination for a YA book.