How To Be Warm and Cute in Winter Clothes

Winter is here and many people worry that they do not look stylish enough in their heavy, multilayered and big clothes. I specifically remember a few years back I would dread the arrival  of winter because it meant that I would look like a walking burrito whenever I go out. However, through learning a few fashion tips and doing my research, winter outfits have become my absolute favorites. Here’s what I learned:
 Size Matters
We have all bought a two- sizes-larger coat thinking “Well, it’s a jacket, it’s supposed to be big and warm” Which isn’t exactly true, if it’s made to keep you cozy then it will, no matter which size you get. In the overall look, wearing bigger sizes will make you look fat and droopy.
Even if your coat is an expensive brand, the entire focus will be on how baggy it is rather than how elegant. So, it is highly recommended that you buy clothes that fit you right. Your clothes will work on either enhancing your shape or worsening it. Just keep on trying different sizes till you find the right fit.
Winter clothes can be dull, dark and plain so make sure that you spice up your outfits with various accessories such as big, fluffy, and colourful scarves/icecaps/beanies/gloves/hats. These will add so much liveliness to your clothes and lighten up your mood if it is a particularly rainy or cloudy day. And of course, feel free to play with the colours. Maybe you could match your dark red uggs with a rainbow scarf or perhaps you could wear your black hoodie with a dotted red beanie!
During super cold winter days, you can stay warm and look classy by wearing and exposing several layers above each other. A button down, sweater and coat is ideal for professional work. As worn by Anna Jane, it would also look gorgeous if you can mix colours. It might be a bit tricky to do so, as the layers are a lot, but it’s definitely worth giving a try.