If you can talk, it will work.

Written by: Yasmeen Ragab

In any given relationship or friendship, the key to its survival is talking. The problem with how some of us deal with their relations is that they tend to talk to others about the problem instead of talking to their partners about it. It all steams from us wanting our partners to know the problem on their own. I hate to burst your bubble but knowing what is wrong is not always a sign of care. Usually the mere fact of them asking what is wrong is a sign that they noticed and that they care.

First of all, we need to agree that we change bits and pieces of ourselves to fit inside the ones we love and sometimes we fail. Being raised differently and having been through different experiences in life is what makes communication important. Sometimes we do things that we do not notice that might offend or hurt others. So, you need to understand that if something offended you from your partner, that does not necessarily mean that they meant to hurt you. This means that you should talk to them about it. You should meet them and talk it out, because the best way to solve a problem is to face it. You should be able to tell your partners anything and everything. You should not feel insecure or afraid of letting out what bothers you or being too emotional. Your relationship should be your comfort zone, and that cannot happen if you do not talk.