Truth behind Egyptian wrestler Reem Magdy’s death revealed

Reem Magdy, the 14-year-old Egyptian who won the bronze medal in the Cadet Wrestling World Championship held in Georgia in September and the golden medal in the Africa championship for junior wrestlers in Algeria passed away a couple of days ago.

Cause of death was assumed to be a car accident until mother of the champion revealed during investigations that there was an argument between Reem and her father who happens to be her coach during training after which Reem has been beaten by her own father. On their way home, Reem was beaten again and she was slapped on the face, a matter which pushed the girl to throw herself out of the car and die immidiately.

Prosecuters in Ismailia ordered the detention of the victim’s father for murdering his daughter and ordered the victim’s body to be dug out for forensic biopsy.

Reem’s father Magdy Kaboria is also a former world champion in wrestling and a gold medalist.


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