Gone Girl – A Book Review

Quite simply, this one of the most powerful yet beautiful novels which I have read. It is a thriller and it circles around the disappearance of Nick Dunne’s gorgeous wife, Amy, on their fifth wedding anniversary. Nick follows the clues that Amy leaves for him every year, to find his anniversary gift. One clue after the other leaves him feeling bewildered and he soon realises that something is not right.

Under pressure from the media and police, Nick is blurting lies after lies and acts in a strange, inappropriate way. Several discoveries were made, such as Amy’s diary which shows how thick skinned she is, and puts Nick in more trouble. He, however, makes his own findings and constantly admits and tries to prove that he is not a killer.

The novel is a must-read, page-turner and will have you staying up at night. Twists and unexpected details keep coming up. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is into terror-mystery novels.


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